The Girlfriend

Book cover of The Girlfriend by Tim Kelly
The Girlfriend
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Lucky Norman meets a girl who loves him like no one has ever loved him before. But having stepped onto the helter-skelter of desire, he discovers this female creature is not quite as he supposed. And Norman is already heading inexorably downwards…
The story is a contemporary reworking of Keat’s ‘La Belle Dame sans Merci’.

Crude, brutal, yet poetic, The Girlfriend is an archetype of love, loss and life.

In The Girlfriend, the literary inheritance of the past is fused to an acute modernity of style. The pared-down simplicity of the prose, however, belies the labyrinthine complexity of the story. The reader is lulled and seduced before becoming entangled in world in which the link between appearance and reality is broken. Nothing is quite what it seems, and yet not a word is out of place.

An absolute pearl of a story that only gives up its secret at the end.

A clever parody inspired by Keats. Watch out for more from Tim Kelly.

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